Started officially on December 31, 2011, Direlands is a dark fantasy campaign setting set in the tumultuous Andracarian Empire; an intrigue filled realm in the vein of other works such as A Song of Ice and Fire and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim .

Unlike most fantasy campaigns, there is no magic (arcane or divine) and only humans inhabit these lands. Worry not, as mystery, horror, political/philosophical intrigue and the deadly denizens of the wilderness keep our stoic adventurers on their toes… Oh yeah, and zombies. Did I forget to mention the plague of shambling undeath that purveys the land? Oh, silly me.

The system for this campaign is a modified Tunnels and Trolls 7.5 chosen for its ease of use and open-endedness. Unlike most T&T games however, Direlands isn’t about dungeon crawling, but rather it’s a more RP-heavy, narrative-driven experience.