Star Metal

A mysterious ore that fell from the sky


Star Metal provides a +8 (with an additional +3 due to the fact that it must be of grand-master quality) to both DR or combat adds when used as the sole material for armor and weapons respectively.


Said to be as black as the darkest night and twinkle with the brilliance of the brightest stars, Star Metal is a mysterious ore that fell from the heavens inside falling stars. Whenever the meteorites hit, they still only carried with them very small quantities of this precious metal. Several times stronger and lighter than steel; if ever one found enough of it, they would be formidably equipped. Due to its great rarity, Star Metal is highly sought after and very, very expensive. Due to this fact, no one has ever made a full piece of equipment out of it, instead opting to create small pieces of jewelry or use it as inlays to decorate other items (though this process should only be attempted by a grand master smith).

Star Metal

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