Saint Gregor the Lion

The holy avenger of the north.


He’s not statted out… he’s dead, Jim.


Hundreds of years ago, according to church lore, the land of the north was a wild, untamed place filled with savages, dark magics, and fierce demons. One such “demon” was the dread-beast known as the Darrafin. The Darrafin gained favor among the uncivilized heathens of the Old Ways by disguising himself as a human and using twisted, ancient knowledge to turn their minds to him.

Doing his duty to God, Sir Gregor singlehandedly marched to the northern country of Uur-bek to put an end to the Darrafin’s blasphemous reign of evil. There was a mighty battle but the righteous sword of God won out, and the Darrafin was slain. Sir Gregor stayed in Uur-bek and brought peace to the town of Garm and the surrounding area. There were many, many years of peace and Sir Gregor became old and passed on. He was buried in Garm a hero and was named Saint Gregor for his deeds to the church, and there he rests to this day.

Saint Gregor the Lion

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