Lord Balkemher the Dragon

Brother to the king, ruler of Dunhelm


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Out of the king’s five siblings, his younger brother Balkemher is the only one still alive. A man in the twilight of his life, he was given the country of Dunhelm to rule by his brother when he was still in his prime. Balkemher chooses to generally stay out of the politics of the Empire in favor of more Dunhelm-related matters; though as of late, his waning health has begun to hinder even those duties.

Even when he was younger, Balkemher was aware that he was unable to amass the throne and began training rigorously to become a knight. It paid off and Balkemher won much glory and land for his father, and later his brother. A fierce warrior, he was integral in many campaigns to the south, where he won the title “Dragon” for his quick, devastating attacks on his enemies.

Not being one for religion of any sort, his country of Dunhelm is the only habitable religiously-neutral nation.

Lord Balkemher the Dragon

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