Father Anderson

The church leader of Garm


Father Anderson is a short, thin man well past his prime. He has short, silver hair and a large bald spot. Most of the time he dresses in traditional church attire and he’s rarely seen sporting casual fare.


Father Anderson is a devout, pious man in the town of Garm in Uur-bek. Tragedy befell him when his first church was burned down by the “Cult of Darro Finn”. But to his good fortune, the elderly, guilt-striken magistrate, Karr Vamengarn, was donating an exorbitant amount of money to the church in the name of his wife, for the murders he committed in the name of the Cult, which was more than enough to rebuild rather quickly.

After the incident involving the Cult members’ deaths during the Solstice Festival, the good Father must help rebuild the town and reestablish his flock.

Father Anderson

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