Darro Finn

Prophet of the Old Ways


Didn’t stat him out… he’s dead, Jim.


Born in the town of Garm, young Darro always had a way with words and a sense of duty for his faith. He quickly gained rank in his order and a following as a leader. Many in his country of Uur-bek saw him as a prophet and those who did not still respected his wisdom. His teachings spread far and wide, cementing the old ways as relevant even in the time of “The Church”. But with his fame and wisdom, many became jealous. Soon, word of his deeds spread beyond Uur-bek and the Church began to feel threatened. They convinced King Andreas the First to send a knight into the north to assassinate the great prophet. Unfortunately, Darro was no fighter and was stricken down by the knight they called Sir Gregor the Lion, but his followers persevered even as their land was taken over by nonbelievers. They stayed in wait, quietly practicing their rituals in his name, waiting until they would hear from Darro again from beyond the grave, even while the name of their great prophet became synonymous with fear and hate.

Darro Finn

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